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Julia is originally from New Zealand. However in March 2012, she moved to Australia where she currently resides. She has family all around the world (Tasmania, England and USA) with the majority of her immediate family remaining in New Zealand. Julia has a passion for the arts and she has been writing for over fifteen years. She has continued to branch out, broadening her horizons not only writing novels, but also dabbling in scripts, short stories, among other literary works. Pathway to Devastation Trilogy is her first published achievement which she is very proud of and hopes her readers will enjoy it as much as she did.

about the book

Alicia is a normal seventeen-year-old but do not be fooled. Despite her young age, she has endured more than her fair share of trials and tribulations above and beyond the generic teenage problems young people are faced with these days. AWOL parents will force the best of us to do anything to support ourselves, tap into our survival instincts and make us grow up sooner than we should. There is no lack of independence where Alicia is concerned, living by herself in her uptown New York apartment and feeling content with her chaotic life until the unexpected occurs. Alicia is undoubtedly thrust into the world of the supernatural when her colleague is a night-walker and she is chosen by the King of the Earth, Guanynola to save his one and only love Matuatua, the Queen of the Sky before the world is plunged into darkness for all of eternity. When the supernatural world and the mortal world are against you, where can you turn? Can she save both the worlds or will she die trying?


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Breaking News... ...officially released 31 March 2023! After many years of approaching literary agents and publishers, getting rejected then bouncing back and persevering, my first novel in the Pathwa ........



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